I want to tell you about the crazy amount of money I am making but I’d rather you hear about my student who put a deal together after going through the system I taught her.

In this system, you don’t have to speak with anyone. You can communicate entirely by texting via email or Skype or even WhatsApp.

Find a buyer using the method I explain (very simple) and find out what he’s looking for.

Let’s say he’s looking for 2000 tons of steel (yes, simply steel). This buyer is currently looking for a supplier to supply him that steel at a good price. So you will arrange to find him a supplier according to his requirements.

Then you look through a supplier’s directory (explained in my email lessons) and find a steel supplier who sells what the buyer wants.

Connect the supplier with the buyer and when they have concluded a deal on the supply of 2000 tons of steel, you will receive a commission from the supplier.

So if the commission is $5 per ton, you will receive $10,000 every time the buyer orders 2000 tons. This is usually every month. If the buyer wants 10,000 tons, your commission will be $50,000. See how it works?

Recently, my student arranged a deal between a buyer and a supplier and secured herself a monthly income of $8000 per month from the supplier.

She’s now working on closing the next deal to increase that monthly income.

My FREE email lessons will teach you the ins and outs of getting into this international trade game and making a decent monthly income, just by finding a suitable supplier for a buyer and making sure they complete the deal.