When You Hear of the Really Quiet People Making Over $250,000 Per Year, Here’s What They Do…

Every day, week, month or year, someone is quietly banking a huge sum of money for doing something that many others are not involved in online. While the online IM crowd goes one way, these souls do nothing remotely connected to internet marketing or any other regular online activity. Yet, they do much less work and make far, far more money than many online entrepreneurs.

On this page, I’ll show you what I do and how you can join me by doing the same thing systematically and consistently, getting away from the normal online grind. It means leaving behind everything you are probably used to doing online and getting ready to immerse yourself in a totally different world; a world you may never have considered looking into before.

The Contract Commander Method is Responsible For Creating Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars For Each Contract Manager

A handful of contract managers in-the-know have been collecting upwards of $250,000 each and every year by doing very little in comparison to other online ventures.

Yet, you don’t hear much about these people because what they do is not as sexy as being called an Internet Marketer or Online Entrepreneur. But the money they make far exceeds most other online ventures without the hassles and frustration that usually comes along with any online endeavor.

I too am a contract manager and I am currently living a lifestyle many would give their right arm for. You will notice that I have not posted pictures of fast cars or mansions because I don’t believe in selling that way. However, the money in this business can easily buy those things many times over, if you are so inclined.

Being a contract manager allows me to work whenever I want and it doesn’t even take up 2 hours of my day. This is the reason why it’s so enjoyable. I wouldn’t even classify it as work, because you’re doing things you would normally do anyway.

Here’s what I do…

I wake up in the morning and check a list that updates itself. Then I contact people on that list via Email, Skype or WhatsApp. I don’t usually call them because that would interfere with my relaxed lifestyle.

After they respond, I arrange a hook-up between them and someone else.

  • Does that sound exhausting?
  • Does that sound like something that’s complicated?
  • Does that sound like something that would frustrate you?
  • Does that sound like tedious work?

No, it’s none of these things. It’s really simple work and it provides me with a great deal of free time. This is the reason I was able to create this Contract Commander course. My free time allows me to indulge in other activities. In fact, I've just started to dabble in the financial markets with the money that I have made.

Continue to do whatever you are doing now

You can run this business in your spare time while you continue to do whatever you are doing now. That is good enough to start making a decent income as a part-time venture. When you gain traction, you can transition to making money this way exclusively, with no headaches or targets to meet.

You really don't have to be a genius or even have any special skills. If you can send an email or type a text, you are already qualified to become a contract manager.

As a Contract Manager, You’ll Bank "Large Amounts" For Less Work

That’s right. This business defies the axiom of getting-out what you put-in. As a contract manager, you’ll work smarter rather than harder. Making $10,000 takes the same amount of effort as it does to make $250,000. So keep your efforts consistent and you will see a steady stream come your way.

This lifestyle is truly headache free. There is no need to talk with anyone (unless you want to) and you can take things at your own pace.

Usually there are no deadlines to race for because work runs along at a relaxing pace. In fact, sometimes it’s so relaxed, you’ll spend most of your day surfing the net or finding more opportunities to multiply your profits.

Really? An average of twenty grand plus per month living and working this way? Absolutely!

Are you still working online the old way?

If you’re currently working online, are you sick of hearing about SEO or forum posting or paid advertising etc?

By now, I’m sure you’re tired of doing the same old thing or hearing about the latest way of marketing, which you don’t know will work or not until you have spent some money.

Day in, day out, we are bombarded with the usual standard ways of making money which work well for the person selling it, but hardly work for the people who tries to replicate that success.

Have you been scouring through forums and blogs looking for the next big money making idea? I know what that feels like because I’ve been there. The problem is, opportunities like that don’t work forever. They are closed and plugged once it becomes saturated. So latecomers to the party always end up getting burnt.

Almost inevitably, over 90% of online money making ideas eventually require some sort of tedious painstaking work (like advertising or posting or blogging or shelling out capital to make it work).


Well right now, you have the chance to get away from all the stuff you have been exposed to and take your efforts in a totally new direction. No more of the usual CPA, Youtube, Forum Posting, PPC, Promoting and so on… No more boring work for little-to-no-gains. No more wondering if your effort will end up making you money at the end of it. No more painstaking and disappointing attempts at making money.

Are you really going to focus your efforts on a loophole which could be plugged at any time and then see your efforts wasted? I’ve been there and done that. I’ve had enough of that and I want to urge everyone who reads this letter to get away from that mentality and mindset.

It’s time to move in a totally different direction and join the few who are making super large sums without even a whiff of internet marketing.

You don’t need any equipment or paid tools to make this work. It’s naturally available for anyone who wants to extract money out of the system. Absolutely anyone can learn from what I teach in this course, and start making money, hand over fist.

So Who is a Contract Manager and What Does He Do?

A contract manager (you) is someone who makes deals. These deals involve the signing of a contract. Deals are made between two parties (a buyer and supplier). Once the deal is concluded, you will receive a part of the contracted deal amount.

So if the contract is for $1m, you'll receive ~ $30,000 to $50,000.

This is the world of International Trade. It’s a multi trillion-dollar market and people like me are able to extract small chunks of the pie from different places.

In this market, there are thousands upon thousands of buyers who want something desperately. These buyers are either too lazy to find a suitable supplier or they don’t want the hassle of talking with multiple suppliers and choosing the right one.

This is where a contract manager like me steps in and finds the right supplier for the buyer’s requirements.

I take full advantage of a buyer's laziness or inability!

Remember the list I check every morning? This is a list of buyers wanting large quantities of a particular product. I simply contact some of those buyers and find out the details of what they want. After I have that information (in a document), I inform them that I will be in touch again after I have found them a suitable supplier.

Next, I contact a number of suppliers for that particular product from another database which I have access to. I ask each of those suppliers if they can meet my buyer’s requirements. If they can, I would arrange for the supplier to speak directly with my buyer and conclude the deal.

Of course, before I hand the buyer over, I would negotiate a fee for my service. No supplier ever refuses to pay the contract management fee. Usually, this is a significant fee which makes this entire business worthwhile!

All-in all, it’s a very simple process but there are many things to learn and take care off. Usually, you’d have to pay a fee to contact the list of buyers but my system works around that until you are making a decent income.

It only takes between 1-3 deals a year to be making $250,000 annually. With some contracts, you’ll make less and with others you’ll make more. Remember, it takes the same amount of effort to make $10k or $500k.

It’s quite possible for you to strike your first deal in your first 2 weeks, or if you take things slow, it may take 2-3 months before the system pays you for your effort. At the end of the day, you’ll realize you are doing a super relaxing business and you will make at least quarter mill by the end of the year.

This is an Evergreen business. As long as there are buyers and suppliers, the business will thrive and you will continue to extract huge profits from the market often.

It's Worked Very Well For Me, But Will It Really Work For You?

Let's face it. Almost every course you buy online has worked well for the author who created it, but when it comes down to implementing it yourself, it just doesn't work. I should know, it's happened to me countless times.

So then how is this course different?

First of all, there are hundreds of contract managers around the globe doing what I am doing, quietly. The good ones are making far more than me. This shows that even with a small amount of aptitude, you can make large sums.

You don't need any special ability or sales negotiation skills or even the ability to talk properly. There are so many deal makers out there who are in the worst of locations and can hardly communicate effectively, but they are contracting deal after deal, making thousands upon thousands of dollars for themselves.

Even though you may have never strung two people together, this is so easy, it's difficult to fail 100% of the time. You just need to succeed once with one deal, and that should take care of you and your family for the entire year!

So this course has no element which would put it in the same category as the countless other courses which may or may not work for the buyer. As a contract manager, there's no such thing where I would have an advantage over you if we were both starting at the same level.

In module 6, I go through the whole process from scratch to completion, and all you have to do is follow along and copy exactly what I shown.

So, once again, please don't put this course in the same class as the other 100 courses released this month showing some form of internet marketing.

There's no way this business can slow down. Deals are endless!

As long as you continue to manage contractual deals, you will eventually build a database of reliable buyers and suppliers. This database will be your asset. This database will be worth a whole lot of money and this is the asset which you need to keep safe and close to your chest.

Earning $250,000 from international trade is not hard at all. In fact, it’s quite easy when armed with the understanding of common practices. Generally, you won’t be dealing with small buyers. Most of your buyers will be from factories or industrial units and they always buy large quantities of materials.

Most of their purchases will be measured in metric tons and these materials are shipped to them in containers via ocean freight.

So even if you were to make a few dollars per kilogram or ton, you would walk away with a tidy sum at the end of the deal.

After that supply is complete, the buyer will require more materials. Guess who gets to profit from the additional supply? Yes, YOU!

This means, you will continue to receive a recurring income from having a repeat buyer who continues to order the materials from the supplier you sourced for him.

Can you think of a better way to make truck-loads of money by sitting and working from home? Back in the 80’s it would have been much harder to get involved in international trade. But with technological advancements, a common man like me can immerse himself in this endeavor and pull profits again and again.

Although this business seems like brokering, it’s slightly different in the way it works. Many brokers are not able to arrange deals because of their work flow and the way they have been educated. A contract manager goes about his routine in a different manner to brokers. This is why professional contract managers make at least $250,000 plus every year, while brokers are lucky to make any deals at all.

A contract manager’s job carries with it a certain prestige which makes buyers and suppliers take him seriously. The direct and serious approach makes things flow easily and results in negotiating more money than a broker would be able to ask for.

Can you learn to make deals?

Ready to get started?

Let's Rock

Contract Management Will Pour Money Into Your Bank Account

I’m extracting money from the procedure I have detailed in the course and I have spilled all my knowledge explaining and showing you how you can do the same as me.

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I am confident that my methods will make you rich enough to stop doing whatever you are doing now and move to doing this full time.

The business of international trade is still quite traditional, but it is filled to the brim with money. My job as a contract manager is to siphon just some of that maybe once or twice a month. Doing this even once or twice a year is enough for a very very comfortable lifestyle.

You should be making one or two deals every month but let’s say you’re a complete failure and you manage to secure just one deal after an entire year, do you realize that this deal will be enough to cover your annual salary and far more?

In the course, I explain how one deal can quite often be a source of income for years to come. This business is certainly not child's play. It’s a real, down-to-earth, physical business but without any overheads.

Many of the buyers I speak with are people who own, or work for large industrial businesses. These businesses quite often require raw materials or certain food items.

And because raw materials and food items are perishable items, they come back and order more. Every time they do that, I would earn a cut of the sale value, netting thousands or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

As I write this letter, I am working on a deal for a particular food item with a buyer from Israel. After speaking with this buyer, he has agreed to pay me $75,000 from his own pocket, every month, if he agrees to buy the product through my recommended supplier. I don’t even need the buyer’s money but I’m certainly not going to turn down an extra $75k per month if the buyer is offering it from his side. A contract manager’s income is usually made from the supplier side. Everything else is just a bonus.

With any deal you make, you don’t need to make large sums per item. You can make just as much money (and even more) by keeping the profit lower but selling more of the item every so often. Volume orders for perishable items work best and produce a helluva lotta money.

So without doing any additional work, your initial effort for arranging the contract will result in a residual income for a year or more.

One Time Deal - Reap Royalties For Months or Years

I have been managing contracts for a long time now and I know what works and what doesn’t. I have made good money from this business and I’m confident it will continue to provide me with an income for as long as I live. With $250k per year, I don’t need to worry about delving into any other money making scheme online. I can feel good and relax by simply arranging a few deals every year.

The international trade market is huge and there’s enough money to go around even if thousands of contract managers got-in on the game. Don’t worry about saturation or seasons or countries. This business is truly evergreen for a switched-on deal maker.

My Contract Commander course teaches you the exact methods and strategies I use to secure deals. Securing contracts the way I do should net you a minimum of $250k by next year.

I must admit, it’s not as glamorous as being an Internet Marketer, but this work is far more enjoyable and yet you still work online without doing any manual labor.

I will disclose my tips, tricks and techniques and show you how to succeed at running this business efficiently and profitably, and more importantly, how to avoid wasting time with poor pursuits. Learn what will give you an advantage over other contract managers.

You’ll learn how to set the whole thing up, what tools you will need (don’t worry, these tools are free), where and how to contact almost unlimited buyers and suppliers, obtaining your contract management fees and how to do all of this without spending a penny on advertising or expensive memberships.

I have even provided letter templates and documentation which you will need as you conduct your business transactions.

In short, you’ll learn how to run your own highly profitable contract management business, entirely online without having to visit anyone.

Start Your Contract Management Video Instruction Today!

Seven Day Money Back Guarantee

But if you’ve been trying to make money online for any length of time, you’ll probably expect me to teach you a particular way to build a list and recommend an autoresponder etc… No! I don’t do any of that. I don’t teach any of the usual stuff you are already tired of hearing and which 1001 other people are doing at the same time. Like I said before, this is totally different and none of the usual online methods apply to this business.

This is a business which has been hidden from mainstream view and not many online entrepreneurs are involved in extracting profits from this gazillion dollar industry.

As a contract manager, you can choose to deal in just one product or a variety of different products. There is no limit to the types of products you can manage but I do provide some guidelines on the types of products to avoid. Choosing the wrong product will result in wasted weeks of effort, when this can easily be avoided.

If you think there aren’t enough products to settle with, just take a look at some of these products and categories being traded and exported today.

  • Used Cooking Oil
  • Alluminium Alloy
  • Mobile Handsets
  • Charcoal
  • Parboiled Rice
  • Chemical Sprays
  • Corn Oil
  • Prunes
  • IC45 Sugar
  • Walnuts
  • Tomato Paste
  • Copper Wire
  • TV Screens
  • Shoes
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Game Consoles
  • Solar Panels
  • Specific Vehicles
  • Coffee Beans
  • Silicone Materials
  • Iron Ore
  • Coal From Mine
  • Scrap Metal
  • Sealing Lubes
  • Catering Parts
  • Seeds
  • Gloves
  • Car Ball Bearings
  • Crude Rapeseed
  • Leather Jackets
  • Processing Machine
  • Flexitanks

This is just the beginning. As you can see, there is absolutely no shortage of products you can deal in. The list of profitable products goes on and on and on...

At the moment, I deal in just a handful of products and this is more than enough to provide me with a very comfortable lifestyle.

You can choose to deal in several products like I do or just one product, which is perfectly fine and can also result in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

There are literally thousands of opportunities here. The marketplace is brimming with buyers and suppliers. Check any trade portal or B2B tradeboard and you will find thousands of suppliers ready to sell you anything. It would take you a year or more to cover 10% of them, and there’s more being added all the time.

I’ll teach you to select the right supplier for the right buyer and how to negotiate the deal according to the buyer’s requirements.

If you try to do it without any direction, it would take you weeks to cover any decent ground.

After that, you still may not end up with the perfect supplier for your buyer.

The information I will be disclosing to you is worth $9000+. Please don't take this course if you plan to do nothing with it. I need action takers to take the buyers and arrange for suppliers to supply them. I need you to use my information and use it to turn yourself into another success story.

Trading on the international market is not a “here-today, gone-tomorrow” type of business. It’s here to stay and it’s always profitable. You can’t lose by the changing of seasons. How many IM related flash products do you know which are still working after 10 years? It’s very difficult to stay on top of Google’s ever-changing algorithms, and even then, your results are not guaranteed. Don’t get bogged down with all the frustrations of internet marketing and the introductions of network marketing or MLM. Turn around and go in a totally different direction with far more profits!

The information I teach you in Contract Commander will still be relevant in 30 years time. It’s something you can build and then hand over to your offspring to continue when you get old. It doesn’t matter if you move countries or have no money. You can continue to run this business in all situations and locations. I mean, you really can’t see the world of international trade suddenly stopping. That’s just illogical.

Over time, I have become quite good as a contract manager and now buyers and suppliers alike come to me, asking me to source or supply a product for them.

Once you have built your reputation, you won’t need to work half as hard as you did at the early stages. Things will flow smoother. Your service will be in demand and you won’t have to search for suppliers or buyers at that stage.


 Soon, Buyers Will Flock to You For Contracts

Managing contracts is a fascinating business. There aren’t too many people in it and it’s almost unimaginable to think it could become saturated. Even if you live on a mountain, you can still conduct this business as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.

You won’t need to handle or even see the products you deal in. Yet, you can make as much money as you want by choosing how and when to work (and I don’t even think of it as work).

Being a contract manager is quite relaxing. Wake up in the morning, turn your laptop on, brew your tea or coffee and sit down to check messages from your buyers or suppliers. Send a few emails and maybe text a couple of people. If needed, spend 20-30 minutes looking for new buyers and communicate with them instantly.

All this without the pressure of having to rank somewhere or the expense of advertising your services.

During your workflow, you will always have deals progressing at different stages. While one is closing, a couple of them are half-way through and yet many of them are at their initial stages.

It works like a funnel. All deals don’t always work out, but those that do are sufficient to provide you with a super income that may last you a year or more.

What's Inside Contract Commander?

Once you have made your payment, you will be guided to the dashboard in the members area where you will be able to access one thing and one thing only.

I have deliberately kept this course streamlined to a degree where you get to learn with minimal fuss. Think of it as a no-frills course. I don't have any PDF transcripts or audio files which serve to duplicate the content and make it look obviously valuable (although it's much more). No, I have kept is targeted to a degree on purpose.

Contract Commander is a series of seven modules containing 16 instructional videos. Each video walks you through the logical sequence of finding and completing profitable contracts. Each module contains intricacies which you need to learn from before moving on to the next. Subsequent modules build upon previous instruction.

I have also prepared documents which I use regularly and have provided them in the members area for you to hit the ground running.

There are far too many points of interest (within the 7 modules) to list here, but rest assured, it’s highly educational and it’s structured in a very easy-to-digest format. The videos are easy to understand and I have dispensed with all the information you don’t need to know which would have resulted in fluff and a waste of time.

After that, I'll be right by your side to answer any questions you may have and help you along with your deals.

I have shared almost everything I know in these videos. I know that if I drop you with a laptop and an internet connection on an island, you will almost certainly make $250k within 12 months, providing you follow my instructions.

But I don’t know if you will follow my instructions. I don’t know if you are lazy or committed. I don’t know what type of mindset you have. I don’t know if you can even communicate in English properly with buyers and suppliers. There are many variables which could hinder you from following my instructions properly.

Some people pay thousands to learn a skill or a trade, but never really put the effort in to become good at it. I don’t know what kind of commitment you will provide in implementing my methods daily. It all depends on how bad you want this and how badly you want to join the quite group of contract managers who are raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Earning $250k is not a pie-in-the-sky dream. It’s a definite reality and it could be yours too. If only your turned away from trying the usual stuff online and instead focused your efforts on international trade, you’d see the amazing fruits of your labor too.

There is an initial learning curve with this business but I’ll be right there besides you helping you along. You won’t be left alone.

So although I shouldn’t provide a guarantee due to all those variables stuck to your work ethic, I will make it an easy, no-brainer decision. I will provide a full 7-day money back guarantee during which time you can evaluate the business and see if it suits your personality.

However, if you intend to take advantage of the information, you should note that the real value of this course lies in the extension explained below.

Seven Day Money Back Guarantee

Access the video instruction now. If at any time within the next seven days you believe this business is not for you, simply shoot me an email and I will refund your purchase price back to you. This is my iron-clad money back guarantee!

Contract Commander Video Instruction

Educational Expense

How Much Should You Pay?

I have shot the course showing the latest techniques and methods which I use to extract substantial profits from the international trade market. After studying and learning what I do (and how I do it), I would expect you to squeeze at least an average of $20,000 every month from the marketplace into your own pocket.

Of course, I can’t guarantee anything because I don’t know how closely you will follow my method. But it’s difficult to see anyone fail with my strategies after learning from my videos, especially with my help alongside your efforts.

I’m not selling an ebook or a standard IM course here. This is totally different. These instructional videos will change the way you work forever. I am not selling a cheap PLR product here. I believe in this course and I fully expect you to make a minimum of 20-30 times the amount you will pay to inherit this business with my methods and secrets. Surely you don’t expect me to part with my business secrets for a mere $17, do you?

In fact, I didn’t even have to create this course, but I decided to do it because of the sheer amount of space available in this business for thousands of contract managers. As long as I can help others while making extra money at the same time, I’m game.

Many people sell cheap ebooks to make a wad of cash from the sale of those books rather than the information they are imparting to others. That’s not me. I do make money from the business I have chosen and I am offering to teach you the exact methods that I use.

I’ll be sharing with you my knowledge and my real-world experience. In fact, I’ll walk you through a live case study from zero to the end result. I leave nothing out.

So please don’t think that I will give this away for a cheap price.

My price may be high for some, but this will also eliminate the casual and curious buyers and the ones who suffer from shiny object syndrome.

I prefer to deal with serious buyers only who are committed to thinking big and living big. I don’t want this information in the hands of tyre-kickers or serial refunders.

I know my price will automatically disqualify a number of people but this is the way I prefer to have it.

Considering what I am offering and the income extracted from this business, I am selling my secrets for a fraction of its correct value - $997. It’s a fair and low-ball price for a super profitable course in my opinion. I believe it’s worth a minimum of $9000. Once you make your first deal, you'll understand why this course is severely undervalued.

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  • 3.Start Learning

Thanks for the simple, easy to learn video tutorials.  The support from Amin is amazing.

This is truly a business that can be done from anywhere, anytime.
The only way this business will not work is if you do not work it.

Jason Myers
Ohio, USA

Wow. Amazing!
What can I say? This course totally blew my mind. I know this will work for me, and I love the way that I would need to work. This is for me definitely.

Sam Andrews

Contract Commander Offers
Its Own Extension


Here are some of the things you get with my Contract Commander course...

  • Access my video instruction in the members area
  • Learn to live quietly and make thousands upon thousands of dollars without gimmicks or advertising
  • Move away from the online herd and join me doing what no one else is doing
  • Learn to strike deals with relative ease
  • Learn to negotiate with buyers and suppliers
  • Find out how brokers can help you
  • Understand the technicalities of documentation, terms and payments
  • Walk through a complete deal with me from scratch to completion and see the result
  • See how I locate and communicate with buyers within minutes
  • Learn the art of choosing the right supplier for your buyer
  • Discover much much more...
Start Learning Right Now

Current price is $997.
Payment will be made through the Paypal payment processing system.
By making payment, you agree to abide by and accept the terms and condition stipulated on this site.

Temporary Price

The $997 price is for a limited time. After this period expires, price will return to $1497.
Take advantage of this price reduction while it still exists. I've reduced the price until the Contract Commander course becomes known in selected circles. After that, this price will not be available.

$5000 Bonus Extension

Am I really offering a crappy bonus to entice you?

Many course sellers offer bonuses as a method of enticing people to buy, by sweetening the deal. They pile on bonus after bonus making the package look bigger than it is, and many times the bonuses are pure junk, hardly worth investing the time to read or watch.

You may have already noticed that I am doing things differently with my course. I don’t want to give you something that will make you say “this is useless”.

So I have decided not to give you a bonus, because this course doesn’t need one and I know you’re clever enough to see through any poor quality marketing tactic I may come up with.

However, I am offering something which is an extension to the video instruction and is actually invaluable and necessary to your efforts. This is not really a bonus, but in another sense of the word, it is the biggest bonus in the world.

I am offering you something others charge over $5000 for, and that too for a limited time.

I am going to make sure I stay with you for an entire three month, coaching you as needed on Skype, in order to succeed and make $250,000 during your first year as a contract manager. I will be assisting and supporting you as you come across stumbling blocks and I will be able to help with any problems relating to securing or closing any deal.

If I were to offer coaching alone for 3 months, it would be in the region of $50,000 per year. Here, I am giving you the same coaching for free! It’s not for one month or 60 days. My coaching is free for an entire three months, as part of my commitment to people who have trusted me with the course (providing I am still living and free).

This coaching is far more valuable than the course material itself. It extends for an entire year (on paper) from the date of your purchase, although I can’t see why I would stop helping you during my lifetime.

If you try and swing it without my help, you will hit a road block. My help and support is essential to making this work and therefore I am committing to be at your side while you learn and earn.

As you can see, this isn’t really a common or standard bonus. Rather it’s more of a valuable & essential extension to the videos I have shot for you, and it’s important to make full use of my experience as you trudge the international trade market.


As more and more people buy my course, I will be increasing the price to keep the number low. This way, I can also provide better care and support to people who immerse themselves in contract management.

So if you’re on the fence, decide soon, because I do intend to increase the price periodically in order to provide a better service. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your previous experience has been, everyone starts at their own pace and learns in different ways.

I’m almost always available to help you make deals totaling $250,000+ in profits within the next 12 months.

Contact me now if you have any questions. If you’re already ready to switch your online career, find the Buy button on this page and get started. Maybe you will be the next person to sit in one corner of the net banking thousands upon thousands of dollars ever so quietly.

I know you will thoroughly enjoy this course and I know I will be thrilled helping you make money in the same way that I do.

Keeping it real and down to earth!

Amin Sadak

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Contract Commander

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