Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Why are you selling this course? Won't you be creating competition for yourself?

    A.I am selling this course for a couple of reasons.
    a) I receive extra money which I still use for various other purposes.
    b) I enjoy helping people succeed. This is why I have offered to personally help my buyers for an entire year by virtually ensuring their success.

    Competition doesn’t matter in this game. There are thousands upon thousands of opportunities and everybody can spread out.
    Even if you did find a competitor, you could help each other (like I do with my competition). It works out better many times.

  • Q.Can you show me proof of income so I can believe you?

    A.I’m not like other marketers. I don’t like to show big cheques, flashy cars and huge mansions. I’m quite conservative and I prefer to keep my own earnings and deals private, whether it convinces readers to buy or not.

    My income proof would serve little purpose practically. It would only serve as a motivational tool.
    If I wanted to deceive readers, I could have doctored my earnings and displayed that and no one would be wiser. But that’s not me.

    Furthermore, what use would my earnings be if I showed an income of $250,000 but I didn’t show you my expense of $350,000?

    So, being hung-up about income proof is definitely not going to be beneficial and won’t serve any useful purpose.

    Personally, I like to keep my income and deals completely private.

    Rest assured though, the income is high enough to give up all your existing ventures and retire!

  • Q.What will prevent a supplier cheating you and cutting you out of a deal?

    A.There are three things that should stop that from happening.

    1) You have signed a contract with the supplier to stop that happening.
    2) You have built up a good relationship with the supplier (almost personal relationship).
    3) Supplier knows that if he goes behind your back and if you were to find out, he would lose far more money in future business from you.

    Cheating doesn’t normally happen but may happen on the odd occasion. But even if it does, the first payment from the supplier should be more than enough to set you up for a long time.

    The system is not fool-proof but a contract manager earns so much money from this business, this type of cheating on the odd occasion should just be ignored.

  • Q.Are there any restrictions on location when conducting this business?

    A.It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go. I know contract managers in countries I would never have imagined but they are working the business and living the lifestyle from these places

  • Q.What knowledge and skills are required to get into the world of international trade?

    A.You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to get involved in the world of international trade. My course is designed to teach you absolutely everything you need to know to hit the ground running.

    Furthermore, you don’t need to have any special skills or abilities, except the ability to converse and write in English.

    This business is open and available to all ages and sexes and backgrounds as long as they are mentally mature and competent.

    As you can see, there are very few barriers to entering this venture.

  • Q.Will you provide us with the relevant email and documentation templates which you use to contact buyers and suppliers?

    A.I have spent time coming up with the relevant documentation which you will need in order to conduct this business. You will be sending various email and forms to buyers and suppliers. These documents need to be worded correctly.

    I have provided these documents in the members area. You can download them and fill in the blanks to suit your business details.

  • Q.How many hours do you need to work on a daily basis?

    A.Being a Contract Manager is very relaxing work. I don’t really see it as work. It’s more like sending emails and texting people (just like you do with friends).

    It’s quite enjoyable to see if you can close a deal with the person on the other end of your WhatsApp or Skype conversation.

    I don’t usually work a set time or a number of hours consecutively. I work as and when I need to send or receive a message.

    If you add up all my time taken throughout one day, I would say it ranges from between 1/2 to 3 hours per day.

  • Q.I don't like speaking with people. Do I have to talk to people on the phone?

    A.I hardly speak to anyone on the phone or via Skype. 99% of my conversations are done by typing, whether it be by email or Skype or WhatsApp.
    On the odd occasion, a buyer or supplier may prefer to discuss the deal by phone, in which case, it’s still not a problem. I would talk whenever anyone required me to talk.

    But most of the time, it’s all done electronically!

  • Q.Do you need a website for this business?

    A.You don’t need a website but it is recommended for one reason. That is to display a professional image if anyone decides to check you out (which isn’t often).

    Don’t be too hung-up about owning a website. It really is not needed. However, if you feel that you would like one for your business image, you can easily make one yourself or pay around $130 to have one made for you.

    If you would like one made, let me know and I will contact one of my developers who can make it for you.

  • Q.Do you need to pay a fee to access the buyer and supplier list or database?

    A.As a Contract Manger, you will be accessing some highly lucrative tender and supplier databases. These databases do charge a hefty membership fee but my course teaches you a way to circumvent that fee initially, until you make your first deal. Then you can pay their fees and enjoy faster and easier results.

  • Q.How long have you been in this business?

    A.My company has been in operation since 2003 but I have been working in the international trade business (as a contract manager) since October 2015.

  • Q.Will I be cold calling or spamming buyers?

    A.You will never be calling any buyers out of the blue. You will never be pitching anyone to buy from you.
    Rather, you will be contact buyers who have already asked for large quantities of a particular item. They will be happy to hear from you and be ready to listen to what you will say to them.

    All this is done via email or Skype.

  • Q.Won't you be my competition?

    A.No, we will be helping each other if you happen to deal in the same products I do (out of the millions of products out there). This is explained in the course.

  • Q.Can this business be outsourced?

    A.Certain aspects of this business can be outsourced but not all of it.

    You are able to outsource the contacting of buyers (with a standard email) and the contacting of suppliers using the 2nd method (harder and time consuming option).

    I wouldn’t outsource the rest of it.